Welcome to IGA lets get to know the AIES.

The AIES pronounce as "ice", stands for Automated Interstellar Exchange System. It is the currency of IGA with the ability to purchase anything from IGA. AIES was invented in 2016 when this store is starting up. AIES is also part of IGA Visionary and MBC Subscription program, for more information about the program please proceed to IGA Visionary and MBC Subscription or AIES

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Megaflux Tank – International Group of Anthony

Megaflux Tank

Regular price $ 1.50 $ 1.30 Sale


It contains 9,999 fluxs when open and can either be used as currency or crafting materials. Sale according to inventory, once there's nothing left you will have to wait so ACT NOW !


How to get Megaflux Tank after purchase ?

Please provide us your Trove Player Name on Google Form and you will received an email respond said that you are free to go to MBC Club World [/joinworld 4563337733330463749] to collect your Megaflux Tank.



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