Welcome to IGA lets get to know the AIES.

The AIES pronounce as "ice", stands for Automated Interstellar Exchange System. It is the currency of IGA with the ability to purchase anything from IGA. AIES was invented in 2016 when this store is starting up. AIES is also part of IGA Visionary and MBC Subscription program, for more information about the program please proceed to IGA Visionary and MBC Subscription or AIES

Ways you can earn

  • Product Purchase
  • Refer a friend
  • Share on social media

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Website Security Upgrade

The IGA website now adopting SSL secured transmission throughout the website instead of only on the checkout page. This feature dramatically improv...

AIES Had Became More Powerful!

The Automated Interstellar Exchange System now can be used to purchase directly. Get more AIES or discount by becoming a Visionary at http://intern...

New Shipping Update

IGA now support FedEX! All products are now available to all countries. Shipping cost now automatically calculated at checkout.


First Post

  1. Inflatable tents
  2. Air beds
  3. Electronic self-balance drifting scooters
  4. LED plastic water bottles
  5. Bluetooth Smart Bathroom mirrors
  6. Waterfall-style LED wall screen


Sold Out